Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last 4 days in 2008.

What does this mean to me?
It means time is passing very fast and now i'm 20 year old and 25 days. Stepping my feet into semester 5 next year. Unpredictable partner medical school that I will be going.

Refresh back what had happened throughout this year...
Many sharp Peaks and Valleys in emotional graph if i were to draw it... just like the weather nowadays...

Most memorable events:
Foremost: I had this deepest valley in the beginning of this year. One of IMU gal used terribly rude and bad words to describe me. For about a month it affected me. This was not a good feelings, it mixed a lots of feelings in the 30days period. I did not know why and what had happened to her that she would want to put those phrases on me!

Slight increase in the market: when We ~9people joined the IM (infinity millers) for Klang Gate climb. Though I had to wake up at 3am something, i felt really good and refreshing after the climb and i got to know MORE people in this climb. Surprisingly, at first, i anticipated only 4-5 people would followed me to this climb but until I woke up most of my friends in my gang were following also. Haha... I was glad that they followed and enjoyed the journey!

Dropped into another valley: when exam result was out, unsatisfied with the result i got in this terrible month.

rapidly rise peak: ELECTIVE period!!! 10 people in our gang, in 2 cars we went from west to east, stopping at Taman Negara, Cherating, Terengganu and Redang Island. This was the happiest roadtrip i ever joined.

chaotic graph: when my hormonal was in imbalance and stress period.

slight down period: IMU cup. I had to face my flawS and training almost everyday.

Another peak: during this december, i have quite a number of peaks period and some down times also. First peak was during PH's b'day, the IMU gal asked for apologize from me. I was shocked after such a long time and she came.

Another peak: PD trip. I joined this trip which organised by another group of friends and without telling one of my buddy. Thus, I was hiding in Sorento here and there throughout the trip to PD. It was fun! LX, SY and SK were 3 very creative people who asked me to hide in the closet before my buddy opened it. This surprised event was the most memorable period for this year. Haha!!! After surprised her, she hitting everyone for not telling her. Haha!!! Then, they secretly put my name on the cake for b'day celebration. OMG, i was real blur... i didn't c my name!!!

Another high peak: DEC 2!!! waken up by housemates at 3 in the morning to played poker and drink beer, eat cake, dance...
Night time, we went OUG plaza eat vietnamese food. And i got a nike shirt from my gang, nike sock from KN and funny monkeys game from my housemates!!!
Two days later, another fren gave me a billabong sling bag!!! OMG!!!haha
Last week, my melaka fren gave me cute 'clinic'!
I received the most sms, wishes and gift i ever did in my life!

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