Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wildlife warrior--Steve Irwin

My uncle introduced a book written by Richard Shears to me recently. This book is known as the "Wildlife warrior: Steve Irwin". On my own, i wouldn't have buy it or even cared to look at it cause i do not know him much. Steve Irwin, well-known for his crocodile-hunter action. In 6 sept, 2006, he was killed by a stingray that pierced through his heart and died instantly. That's all i knew from him before i got this book.

After started reading his book, i had a feeling to visit our croc farm AGAIN. (after the first time which requested by our siling).
So, this morning, after i finished my work, i went there again. Alone this time. Here are some photos i would like to share.
this is baby croc in the new pond.
this is a female croc that has just given birth. According to local fren, he said that normally these female croc after giving birth will become very aggressive and this is how it reacted after the local fren tapped on the wall. See the blood on its lower jaw?
this is hunchback croc.
sleeping croc.

strange croc. Notice that it has cacat-ed lower jaw?
Tailess croc.

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