Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm a failure

How do I feel now?

Just not happy. Cannot cheer up excitedly.

Psychiatry, is known to be the easiest posting but i failed. I'm such a failure, don't u think?

I always thought i had enough of cry on that day i got the result but whenever i telling people about it, it's just hard to control.

I feel so terrible... don't want to let my family know, i hav to hide my feelings from them.

I'm so low mood that even though i need to carry 20 over kg bags up to 5th floors and i wasn't angry i just feel sadder and when i lost power supply out of no reason, the mood just stay there without going to scold people.... i'm so low...

i keep asking myself will i be able to survive through uwa 3 years?????? It's still a question.


Dino said...

hold on and stand still!!!!

Skinny Monkey said...

dino, u wanna shoot my ah? sounds like prisoner wanna kena "bang"..