Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Strive for Happiness.

Muar, JB, Tues, 27-5-08. [Howie Day- She Says]
Particularly liked this article extracted f
rom Reader Digest by Dianne Hales.

A smile doesn’t cost anything and may do you good, so why not grin?

"It’s tricky that most people assume that external things like bigger house, better job, winning lottery ticket will actually brighten our lives. While these things will only bring temporary delight, the thrill invariably fades."

"Performing 5 acts of kindness on one day yielded a significant increase in well-being, while acts of kindness on different days didn’t. To sustain happiness, you have to make effort and commitment everyday for the rest of your life."

"Still, not everyone is sold on the power of positive thinking, if you forced people to cope in a way that don’t fit the nature, it do harm. When someone’s in pain over the loss of something, telling them to be more optimistic and look on the bright side just adds insult to the injury. The path to contentment depends on finding the coping strategy that suits you best, even if that means expressing anger or sadness along the way."

[jolin Tsai- let's move it] YL not a good talker, not good in giving consolation. But my ears always there to listen. (hmm...not on exam eve) As a med student, in BS (behavioral science) subject we r required to console angry, crying, any type of emotional pt. Mine session will be on next week, still haven't figure out how to console crying pt. Thinking if my friend cries in front of me, what can/should i do?? Hmm... I might get her/him tissues, listen to her/his complaints, keep quiet cause i have no idea what to say... any idea how to do ?

[Colbie Caillat-bubbly]"I realized that by working hard to keep a lighter tone, by taking time to be silly, to laugh more, to sing every morning, I managed to bring about deeper changes in myself- more loving and considerate feelings and actions. That’s why it’s a duty to be happy. When I take the steps that will make me happier, I’m far better able to make other people happier too."

Way to make yourself happy:
  1. Making a list of things you’re grateful can do for your happiness. Family, my parents would bring me to my 2nd home whenever we r free, mom cook for us, cares so much that SOMETIMES i just feel uncomfortable when she keep asking me to study (I know what i'm doing), others, well, i'm very happy that i have them. Friends, over 13 friends at B1 (6th, 10th, 19th and 21st floor), bkt jalil, we are cheerful team. So many ppl, misunderstandings inevitable, but never end up with cancer stage. I was so happy that you guys really woke up at 3.30am on 26th April went to climb Klang Gate with me! Thanks~oh~ we had fun. so sweet. Melaka friends~ hardly we keep in touch but when i called them, they never turn me down. Hoho~we had good time during secondary sch, din we? Volleyball for 5 yrs~ played like hell, 3-5x/week, 2-3hours each time. I like that!
  2. “Humour is like salt on meat” it amplifies everything. Exercise, basketball, badminton, or jogging, i leave everything behind me during exercise. It helps in turning my frown emo face to happy most of the time, except things that happened last few weeks. I was so down even when i closed my eyes. Still not fully recover yet. But what i know is i don't hate you, i must say that i didn't think you are bitch. It just weird, hurt. Friends asking not to think bout what she says, but as mentioned above it only makes things worse, so it wasn't helpful, dude, i would prefer you guys cheer me up by playing basketball with me or just keep silent. It takes time for lesion to heal, unpredicted duration of time, because the blog keeps appearing in my mind. Post recover syndrome: particularly sensitive. To what? Er... i have no idea, just very sensitive. I am at the stage now! Special thanks to Marissa, woon kheng, ker jia, khang ning, Michelle, agnes, siew ting and sharon. They tried so hard to cheer me.. hoho~ thanks~
  3. Do something good. Now only i realized that sometimes, it is skeptical movements. As some people, don't really like to be treated or how can i say... not that sociable or inapproachable. I don't know, their way to live, no comment and respect them. And to some, it can amplify to extreme stage... which one can hardly handle it. But it always do good! Think positively, everyone likes to be treated good. And I personally like to play with my friend. I still remember in the unprepared interview before entering IMU. They asked me why I wanna be dr. I don't remember the exact answered but it something like this "I like to help people, It amplify my happiness when i see them smile at me/ got the helped they wanted."
  4. Seize the moment. Go ahead, and be happy. When it's time to laugh, laugh it as loud as possible. But when time to be serious, do not LOL cause u'll look like clown. That's what i learn from Dr. Htin Aung. This is still in learning process, as it is a challenge for me to control my dirty mind.
  5. You might be feeling like your life right now is downhill slope, but if you stop and assess it honestly, you’ll see you actually have it pretty good. If not,
  6. Think back to when you had time for creative expression. Joyful expression can bring happiness. Dare to Laugh out Loud? hoho~ Nv dare me this! U'll regret!
  7. Escape to your stress-free zone. I always choose seaside, blue indicate peace and calm to me.
  8. Think memorable, not material. Even the Benz SLR/ Lambo will become routine over time, on the other hand, memory of good time with family and friends will last forever. Think about it!
It's not work all the time, you will still see frown.

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