Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trip back Melaka.

Muar, JB 28-5-08, 9.32am
On my way back to Kuala Lumpur from Muar.
[Fahrenheit- 1个人流浪]
1个人流浪, I was listening to this song when I walked back from MAS office to have my one year Adelaide ticket changed to return on the next day. Sad… but it sings out my feeling that moment.
Ok, where am I? Er… Sungai Mati, heading towards Tangkak toll house.
This trip back to Melaka was actually to attend my dearest Melaka friends’ gathering 3rounds “party”. “3 rounds”, I was shocked also, I was only told to eat Ikan bakar at Alai, after that, they brought me to Bunga Raya to eat roadside seashells and ‘wu xiang’. It was my first time to this stall. Er… I didn’t try the seashells, but their business is really good, should be delicious i guess. Unfortunately, it just not the food I will want to try.

KerJia came out with this weird and healthy sentense: “seashells can transmit hepatitis”. Oops~~ hepatitis… what is that? Inflammation of liver~ hoho~ but what type of hepatitis? There r many types: A til Z. *L hand cover my mouth* Did I just said til Z? haha~ currently until F only, if not mistaken, but the main types are A-D la. Then unclean seashell consumption can cause which type? What I got from my friend, Dingy and internet research is Hepatitis A. (please leave any comments if u think I’m wrong) What is Hep A? It is caused by Picornavirus (smallest RNA virus) and will end up to either mild symptoms or fast die die. Don’t worry, only 1-2% will fast die die. Never progress to liver cancer or chronic hepatitis. =p what are the mild symptoms? yellowish skin, eyes.. hoho, “yellow man”, fever, nausea, vomiting.
[Jay-深蓝色的情书] Everyone of us has a big belly now, hence we decided to go for a walk. Where we went? We went to Melaka’s jetty. Where is it? At Melaka Raya, behind Holidays Inn, where GoGo Karaoke located. Took some pictures, had nice chats then we ended our gathering around 11.15pm. Time flies, it took me few minutes to recognize some of them. Although I was really exhausted b/c I didn’t have rest for >14hours, but I’m glad to meet them. Lot of thanks to the organizer, Sinn Rui. I would want to hug you if I wasn’t that tired. Hoho~ God bless to everyone of us~ Good luck to everyone of you.
The next day, early in the morning, I was pulled to Muar. What I did in Muar? Traveling? No way. I hate this place. After taken my Marie Claire eyewear, I did some stupid readings, chit chatting, watched House MD. Sea cucumber, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is a really good food. What so good about this ‘geli’ thing? It has high protein content (apart from egg white), low fats and cholesterol, contains chondriotin sulfate that is similar to medicine treating OA (osteoarthritis), it reduces pain, and then it moistens dryness also to prevent/ treat constipation and diarrhea. Isn’t it diarrhea is too wet? Haha~ it probably maintains the fluidity. (Comments for additional info are welcome)
One thing that spoiled this trip is my mom annoyed me with my studies. She probably thinks I keep going out with friends for movies. In fact, I did. I know what her worry is. To comfort her, I think I gotta stay in house like an anti-social for the coming 3weeks. I can do it, can’t I? (Exclude exercise)

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