Friday, November 21, 2008

The biggest Liar i ever met is among us.

I hate liar and deadly kia-su people.

Z is the person i named and I tried to not to dislike Z but Z is taking for granted and I can't hold on the breathe anymore. Volcano is going to erupt, if residents surrounding did not evacuate immediately they will burn to death.

I wonder why on earth is this person so catty.

It's another version of Z in men among us. Others may not realized Z behaviors but i have enough of it. It's making me really MAD now!

My mom was the coolest person. I remember she anticipated this incident.

Do you know you are annoying?! Am i not making myself clear enough?!

Stop talking to me about studies!! IT"S HELL IRRITATING!! Stop following me! I won't disappear without photostat notes!! crazy!!! Stop opening your door like u wanna remove it, no wonder your door is going to spoil. Stop Stop Stop!!! No need to lock your god damn hell door as No one will wanna go in without knocking it because you are the only person will do that!!!

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