Sunday, November 16, 2008

Human are complicated animal.

Every single things of human are complicated. So complicated that sometimes you can't use naked eyes to differentiate them. Why is it so?

Different people thinks differently. One perceives an event as correct but the other might perceives it as wrong or neutral opinion. Hmm...

So messy that sometimes it makes me really fed up to care and know too much about human. I figured out that keep things simple are way to make your life happier. Stop busy-body to know things that you are not supposed to know or is really none of your business.
During exam time, I don't like people KEEP talking about studies and how much a person has studies or "Die, I think i can't finish my studies". You can complaint about it but not every minutes and seconds. It is good to relief stress by saying it out, but not keep on talking about it, it ended up with increase stress among people who are listening and your selves. Or maybe not to yourselves cause you might have finished it long time ago and just making fun to pretend that you haven't. Don't keep telling me these words! please! You do not know how much it annoyed me. It's already stressed that i almost threw out every night when i was studying. Additionally, you do not actually haven't finished your studies. You actually have finished it long time before i did. I know that okay, I'm not a fool. You studied every night till 3-4am then woke up the other morning at 7.30am, i know that and such a long hours of studies, you dared telling me u haven't finished? The way you acted when people said they haven't really finished already showed me you were actually lying. Please, you not actually a good actor. Though i don't want to know but my ears are too good to hear them or you all have problem with your ears to listen to them. I do not know.

It is a fault to be a good listener? I'm not piss off about it but I really have no idea why i can hear things you both can't. I DO NOT WANT to hear, and i just heard them! It's annoying to me! Don't think i'm so kepo that wanted to hear what you guys saying. Please, I'm not interested. It's loud and clear. *breath in deeply* Probably my room location or i'm too quiet inside here. Never mind, it doesn't matter at all.

Liar vs Honesty

Why Human lied? I just read a story book, do not know it's true or not. There was a studied in Europe, it said that average human lied 88000 lies in one's life and mostly are for sake of goodness. It is? I don't think so, so as the writer. So why do brain wants to lie? For other's goods? For avoidance of troubles? For own's sake? For money? For Kia-suness? To show off? For what?

For me, I lied to avoid troubles mostly and I usually will tell my mom about my lies, to my mom, i lied to prevent her worriment... i don't know, too many already.

Parents, there are many kinds, some really cares their children, but some do not even bother.
If you parents do, please it is really killing me to know that children are not filial. I have really bad temper about this kinds of things. So, I avoid sometimes to know too much about what my brother doing. I can't stop my anger to scold him. But i don't want to have any lesions among us. Better to keep really quiet.
I met one case, A has DM and on dialysis. A's wife has stroke recently. A has 2 children, one in s'pore, the other in kl, working as lawyer. A n wife not staying with 2 children. When I talked about A's family, i could felt that A were in depressed and the tear almost dropping out from the lacrimal glands.
If a parents could bring you up as a lawyer, I have no reason why you can't repaid them by give them some love. The bond between parents and chilren are not REPAID, but it is a child's responsibility to take care of them, if you can't, at least call them or drive home every weekend to see them. Though it might be tiring or your parents asked you not to go back, but it is a HUMAN's must RESPONSIBLILITY to have it done. They worked so much in oldern to build a castle or a world for you so that you can study and become a professionalman. You don't just know how to use their money to build another BIGGER castle for your lover and not cared about their feelings! I HATE this. If you wanna build a bigger castle for your lover, please please please use ur own blood-worked money to get it. They have actually given you so much that more than a normal parents can afford and you still ask for more! What's in your mind you thinking. You don't even think of buying a massage machine for them. I haven't work, if i am, i will buy. You ask so many things from them, do you ever give them any? I feel really sorry to my parents, they sounded so sad when dad said they can't cook today and tomorrow. You always go out with your friends or fiance, care about them please. U are not foster by your fiance or friends. Everything u have is from your parents, not THEM. I do not say that you are wrong if u care about ur fiance and friends, i said you have to do it appropriately, put more time and efforts on what your parents' needs. You being really insensitive to them.

What's more to say?

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gal..u long time din call me d..if u got anything i am here always..dun make yourself stress alone k?? i dun mind listening..haha...dun worry...won increase mine...