Monday, March 2, 2009

Relief after long time of pondering

I've been asking myself for quite sometimes for a valid reason why I made the move to let her pass through 'tunnel'. Those Things that she put on me at first was really unbearable until i screamed for help from friends all over the places. And what i reacted that day when she apologized was as if she had stepped a little over my place.

I finally came out with a valid reason for my reaction.
To apologize sincerely is not something easy to do.
I could feel her sincere when she approached me with that issue again after months.

Forgive somebody is not easy either, if she apologized within that 3 months after she posted the blog, i might not accept her apology that easily. However, i strongly suggest that everyone should forgive or attempt to forgive somebody if he/she is in real sincere to get your forgiveness and willing to change after that. In this world, it is better to have more friends than enemies. If let say this is not the case you are confronting, then what for apologizing?
Try it.

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