Thursday, March 5, 2009

2nd day household survey in Cheras Baru

We, M107, is the first batch to take up this "2 weeks of com med"... we are supposed to divide into a research group, a household survey group and organization chart group. After finish the job above, we need to come out with a presentation and a report that contains all the 3 things.

I joined the household survey group. And Our quota is 200-250. It sounds easy, but when u really ask around, it's hell tired and difficult. On the first day, our so called 'responsible leader made all the spss people bring their laptop. Me, and my fellow friends, carried the laptop, charger and water with us from the clinic to housing area and back to clinic again. All the way is around 10km, from ~9.45 til 12.30pm then rest for lunch and continue again around 2 til 3.30pm. Damn! He then gave a sort of stupid excuses saying that he TOT he going to ask those research ppl to take k for us, wat the damn XXXX! their research ppl also need to do their job, how the hell they can take care of our laptop! damn !!! the first day we got 92 responds from resident in l. ketumpat. First day was damn tired and in great pain. I had a great sharp abd. pain after lunch til ~ 6pm. I couldn't even walk after i reached home. The pain was unbearable and did not go off after i applied ointment and rest. Then, my shoulders were so tight!

2nd day, we reached clinic v early as bus driver did not lost his way. Then, we started our interview early. from one area to another, in total we went through 3 housing areas and 1 mcD restaurant for our lunch (not for filling up forms on our own!!! we r honest studentS!) Around 3pm, we had everthing done! 200 forms done!! hahah ... group work! YEAH !!

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