Monday, June 22, 2009


I met one rubbish family. I'm not good in descriptive essay, hence i can't find a good and sharp word to describe this family. But if you happened to meet them, you will definitely understand my feelings now.

From my past experience, they are really a piece of SHIT! so terribly shitty that i wish someone could rob my previous apartment ... or burn it!! LOL!!! hahahahahaa. ....

these people have no eyes to inspect, no limbs to carry things. I feel so sorry for creators whom give them those things. They can give it away to people who will appreciate it more.

After damaged something by themselves, still dare to ask for money from the ex-owner to pay for them and pay for people to move the damaged table away. crazy sial. It's not 1000 pounds table that required people to move for them, can't they move themselves? What? u think u r millionaire or president? ur limbs so precious to even carry a table or what can i described now is pieces of damaged woods? If you dun used them, they will atrophy, why not just donate to other people who needs it more?

big study table and chair for RM30 and u expect it to be first hand condition? R u out of ur mind? it's very god damn hell obvious showed u that the side wood doesn't have screws to lock it. You god damn hell go carry it and then let go after it seperated? what the hack?! do you have brain or you think i'm idiot? just let go from a slight lift up will damage it? you hell, go jump down from vista. Last time, we also shocked that it can be separated, it crashed down also, but we fixed it and it was very stable and good table. hell you damaged my table and still wanna charge me for people to move it out? you better go back kindergarten or see neurologist.

mattress and bedframe that already sold to one girl, and we informed you that we need to leave it there for a while before the gal is able to carry them away. You said YES. What the hell happened this afternoon? I never seen this kind of people in my life. This person 'barked': you either sell them to me or i'll throw them away. WHAT THE F__K? people already SOLD it, and you dare to said this?

hosp in sg.buloh is welcoming this kind of people.


Dino said...

hahaha!! cannot burn first, later they said the furniture all gone and dont wana pay the money...... muahahah!

Dino said...

haha.... 浪迹天涯?
so cute...!

Skinny Monkey said...