Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beijing (1)


抵达天津但是飞机不能下机因为traffic congestion 在天津滨海机场。延迟了半小时,好不容易能下了,但不能下机。中国的health officers用了一小时在机上查swine flu.


Dino said...

haha... the health officers in china are really strict, my parents also kena...... stuck in the plane for one hour. luckily they sat in front, belakang ppl kena tahan coz someone was having fever....

Skinny Monkey said...

wow.. fever ah? so? quarantine ?
i hate those officers la. damn rude summore dun understand english. shit them. they r interacting with so many international ppl everyday and they dun even understand "MACAU". Plus, they even asked a baby to sign a health declaration form. the ang mo said "that's ridiculous" wat the... sweat man... these ppl ah!