Thursday, December 3, 2009


what does it mean to be 21st? Some people seems to take it very seriously but some do not. hmm ... actually myself do really envy those parents that look at it seriously... but sadly not mine.

I do not blame them, but be frankly slight disappointed in my blood is inevitable. As it's 21st. "compare" is a bad word! i hate people "compare" and so does myself. But i can't help my mind to "compare". it's really bad! but what to do, i'm not "san hou" in gong xin ji or guan jin pu sa...
Compare to my siblings and frens in fb... well, they do make me emo a while... but well, i'm doing everything i can to fight back the evil forces and not to compare.

Actually, i'm very lucky, to compare again with others... hahaa... compare is sooooo terribly bad thing. hahaha...i got 7 super cool frens from srban "chi chi chi, phew phew phew" down to celebrate in advance with me. I got super cool monkeys on that day!!!

Then, i got another super duper cool best fren in melaka whom i supposed she ran down from kl, ran away from work just to celebrate with me yesterday. i'm not sure wat she doin here in weekdays! She kept those secret from me, i dun think i suppose to find out, there must be reason behind for this old lady to keep it out from me. Although, we din do anything that sound super awesome or crazy yesterday. but be out there with my best fren, is actually a very HAPPY THING itself. so, it doesn't matter whether what we doing.

After sending that lao master back home, i ran to my secondary sch, waited for sunset to come. Bad weather, it rains right after sunset. Then, during the sunset, they cancelled dinner. Maybe they really thought that their children all have a lots of friends? Cause it's really hard for me to call my fren out for dinner last min. But LUCKILY again, i went to grab woon kheng from her mother, haha... pity mother.. sorry auntie.. she accompanied me for 1 hr as my gastric pain just shoot to my stomach in time. hahaa...

Thank you everyone!

Thank you for the small baskin robin cake. it's tasty...

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