Sunday, December 27, 2009

BAD TEMPER!!! (18days to go)...

I'm super duper annoyed when i was concentrating on my stuffs and u guys interrupted.

*this blog is going to be super rude, i'm goin to use a lot of vulgar languages...

Why are people aren't listening after i had repeated myself thousand times ?? damn it! When i said i am not going to do it for many times, i MEAN it! Remember in ur stupid bloody mind or u'll have to pay for ur car repair! F*** up!!!

My words aren't words issit? Fuck u! u thought i joking ah! mother hell

I am soooooooo angry now... I hate hot temper; when it goes beyond threshold, it doesn't go return to baseline until next day... and then i'll hav to break a lot of pens.... jesus christ, my Rfist is soo angry now!!!

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