Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2nd day in Gombak Hospital

Yesterday commander said mission today is to listen systolic murmur and learn CVS/CVA (couldn’t catch what he was trying to say, CVA is stroke, CVS is heart and vascular).

But who knows today was so bored. Arrived at hospital around 7.40am and waited for 15mins inside assembly room (located center of pediatric wad). Dr. Sassikala then came and the first group people all reached before the second group. Dr. Sassi then assigned us to the maternal wad and infectious wad. Four little soldiers first arrived at maternal wad- mission: CLERK!! 1 gynea and 1 obst. patients were resting, 2 delivered mama and their families were awake. Target aimed. *All internal wad patients are Orang Asli. Clerk one of the mama that had his baby delivered on 30th of May. She stayed in hospital was to deliver baby and w/o knowledge in repro, clerking process went on very unlikely. After left her bedside, she and her family packed to go do their child’s birth cert. Survival rate in maternal wad is pretty low, thus, decided to shift to infectious wad.

Infectious wad, there are TB and leprosy. Transmissible disease? Of course they are. U probably thinking protective glove, mask and isolation rooms. Unfortunately, not as what you’re thinking. None of our soldiers has barriers. According to Dr.Sassi, once TB patient on a week treatment, the patient will no longer be transmissible. There were around seven TB patients and 2 Leprosy. An old man was our target for TB, he told us it feels normal, only symptoms are cough and sweat. A young lady was our target for Leprosy (Hansen’s disease= Kusat in malay), her presenting symptom is patches on hands and feet.
Had breakfast.
Then, meeting room for Talk on Transmissible Diseases by Dr. Sheerema. Learnt bit tactic in ‘war’.

(Left: pictures of li xian, siew may and yap waiting in meeting room)

Then, had a small discussion with Dr.Sassi and ended at 12.30pm.
Wait a min, Where is our yesterday commander? Oops, separates group got the chance to meet him today~ sigh~ that’s y today was bored.

(Below: picture of Gombak Hospital)

Yesterday night, had a small chat with a M207 friend, he ~ er ~ don’t know how to describe but just kinda forcing blogger to join track and field event. He joins 2.2m road relay, v’ball and football but not athletics, then why he insists blogger in joining? I asked, but the answer was “I don’t care…lol” and then he moved away before blogger got chance to fight back. What does it means? It has been a long time since my last 100m run (form 1 was the last athletics run; form 2-5 just ran for fun). Blogger never serious in 100m run b/c it is stress during the process. So, final decision was not to join.
But the next morning, Siew May gave a reminder that 2008 is the last year M107 joins IMU cup. So, it gives blogger the courage to join. Thus, the total is blogger will be joining 4-5 events this year~ God bless me~ ankle please heal completely on time for blogger to perform.

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