Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Last day in Gombak Hospital!

early in the morning, sniff~~ good n clean air~
Red myvi is always the early bird~ lol~ punctuality is important lo!

Thanks to Siew May who drives us there n back in these 3days~~

(give a round of applause~)

Bilik Ceramah: 2nd floor, pediatric wad. Students meeting place.

Today was bored~ and tired~

Clerking~ at first, assigned to general wad. There were hmm... quite a number of patients...but ~ ~ they dun wished to talk~ ~ swt~

Shift back to outpatient wad lo~ met this women whom son was studied 2 years medicine course in UPM then stopped and became a lecturer and now doing his master or don't know what in Liverpool. She was cooperative, nice patient. She complained about sore throat, rhinitis, R lower neck pain.
After taking hx, next destination was tea break at mamak opposite to hospital~ nice roti telor with delicious kari~ but nv drink milo, frens were complained about that~ teh tarik too sweet~
9.40am-- except for MQ'car pool, all of us went to museum Orang Asli. Entrance is free and it just opposite the hospital.

10am-- went back to Hospital lobby waiting to go next station--> Org Asli Kampung and 'waterfall'. About 15-25mins drive from the hospital.
Penghulu has already gone out when we reached. So, we had to visit his herb garden ourselve.

Then, Dr.Sassi walked us to the so called 'waterfall'. Along the way, we saw wooden houses, a small river~ then reached the second river. Dr.Sassi asked us to wait there~ wondering y?..hmm... thinking probably need to cross it also~ who knows that's the 'waterfall' she was talking~ oops~ it just a river with a faster water current and deeper ~ hmm.... nvm, it makes those city ppl v v v happy and the leeches are happy too~4 leeches got their stomach full after we visited the place~ lol~ kesian~

(siew may and li xian wearing their shoes after they crossed the first river)

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