Monday, June 30, 2008


This semester elective will be doing at Taman Negara and Pulau Redang. This trip started on Wednesday and hopefully will be back by next Wednesday. 3 days at Taman Negara and 3 days at Pulau Redang. Transport in these 7 days is cars. Guys will have to drive all the way. This is the part which makes my mom mad at me. I know she is worried. I understand and expected that I’ll get scolded once she knew. I, myself, not really agree with these because she will angry but I can’t do anything, some of them insisted to drive for some reasons that I wouldn’t want to know.

(oops… I break my own idiotic rule, I used “I” in this blog)

I’m sorry mom, sorry that I make you worry. I’ll take care of myself and to calm you a bit, I’ll sms you whenever I have spare time.

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