Friday, July 24, 2009

freaki' sui

What happen to me?

people banged my car and my own relative said it was my fault?! wat the hell is wrong with her?
I will never admit it was my fault. As I really saw i passed through it successfully and i understand exactly how to differentiate the feelings between I crash people car and people banged me. Now i wish i banged her car to avoid the collision. Damn van, how i wish i did not have the 2 kids in my car.

Now i see through ur heart. No wonder you never show us account books.

Today is triple bad!

I dare not park horizontal car park, i tried many times, and still i dare not reverse too much. sHoOt!. Then, i only drive <80 today.

When i was jogging, i strain my foot. ShoOt again.

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