Monday, October 5, 2009


星期六的天气很好但是很可怜的一个人吃晚餐. 没胃口,吃剩食物.

星期日,更闲.去麻坡看一整天的Youtube,看到头痛. 晚饭就没胃口吃了.

很想把这位朋友打到扁扁,明明是我硬拉她出来陪我,但她终是抢还钱. 她有做工我也有啊! 不行,下次我走到柜台还比较好.

This time we went to 炫音乐餐厅. It's located near to Wings' cafe and Asian Harvana. It has a very good environment but i would suggest that it adds more dim lights or candles on the tables outside, cause it's too dark. And, hire someone who are able to speak, their workers don't seem like understood what we were talking.

Looks very nice in pic? LOLz... don't be fooled by it. In real, it is so dark that you can't even see your fingers.

But seriously, i like the environment, so, i do hope they can add or repair their lightning around.

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