Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You know what, I suddenly have a feeling of being blessed! I dunno, maybe i felt content with what i have compared to the other four from imu. (they may feel the same as i do, but i'm happy with what i am)

I had a 2 weeks holiday at here during my 8 moths of holiday. I'd travel to many places, met friends, and had brought over some of my stuffs.

Accommodation- I get to stay in my uncle's home, which is located so close to the city where transportation is easy. I only took 15mins from city to uwa. And 5mins free bus from home to city...(compared to one of the gal whom need to take an hour of public transport to reach UWA... feel worried for her.) In spite of this, i'll move out eventually, but my parents will always ensure that my accommodation is safe, close to city and transportation, close to convenience shop and so on...

Foods- My uncle is a good cooker, he taught me how to cook.

I'm actually currently staying in his study room, no bed here, i'm sleeping on an air bed, where you need to pump air into the bed. I'm okay with that, just that his room doesn't have fan, It's too hot here without a fan. The wind that blow from outside is HOT!.

I have my own printer, scanner, internet- er.. using uncle's broadband...

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