Monday, February 1, 2010

awful day! but i survived.

I had an awful day today. Need a tap on my shoulder now (quotes from dr. lim back in imu).
I slept almost 9hours from 10pm on sunday to 7am. Got up with a super messy hair. The hair just couldn't go back to normal shape after many times of pouring water to it. WTV, just leave it like that ... pretty messy...

Mantoux Test. We were told to hav our mantoux test done. So, the stuff in pathwest (J block) asked us to go to Sir Charles Gaidner Hospital (R block) to get it done there. We took about 10-15mins in searching for the "HIDDEN" R block. When we reached there, the nurses there told us "it's a quantiferon TB test, u shud hav done it back in pathwest and not here!" So we had to walk all the way back to pathwest. We waited for 30mins in pathwest reception counter before we could get our venepuncture done.

I was allocated to Fremantle hospital for my nursing attachment as stated in our timetable. Me n jo reached there around 12pm. The girl in the reception counter gave me a super shocking news! Nearly had heart attaack! Ur Amity ward is in Kaleeya hospital. My first rxn was "Huh? apa tu? Ca-La-Ya???". Then i asked her, Can i walk there?... she said: Although is under fremantle hospital but it's a distance away from here!. Me n jo went on to ask the information counter in hospital about how to get there. He then showed us a map. and it was like "WOWWWWW~~~ soooooo FAR away!!" Imagine, fremantle hospital is in South Fremantle, then City in the center and Kaleeya hospital is in East fremantle. Not knowing what to do, I just walked around hoping to get on to a cab and send me there. BUT! There wasn't a cab on my way to Perth train station! sooo ulu... Fortunately, i was able to reach Amity ward before 1pm!!! Thanks god!!

5pm dismissed. I got a bit lost again! Coz i dunno how to go back to city!! Clinical manager in the amity ward asked me to take the bus outside the hospital... i waited for a long time, no buses passed by... then i walked to the Canning hw. On my way to canning hw, i saw my bus passed by me... zzz... Waited in the canning hw, the main big road, hoping to get a bus or cab. Not even a cab passed by when i stood at the bus stop for 20mins! imagine how ulu is that place! ... zzz... luckily a bus passed by and i hopped on --> got me to train st.

My terrible English!!! It's a serious problem here in australia if i really wanted to survive! I hav to mug up!!

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