Monday, May 25, 2009


I should be sleeping by now. But something strike my attention and i started to read about MS.

MS is a disease that i hate to read because there is no definite cause to it. It could be due to autoimmune or genetic or environment or infection or anything. Damage is done to our white matter in CNS. inflammation also play a cause here, entering through BBB they could attack 'foreign cells' perceived by them. Symptoms varies from sensory deficit, motor deficit to optic neuritis in which you will lost your vision. (vision loss is permanent!) To be dated, there is no cure. Treatment is given to delay attack, reduce number of attacks and symptomatic relief.
Theory (phase 1) can only teach you so much. What you feel after reading this paragraph?
My answer is: Nothing, no feeling. In phase 1, this piece of info will only benefit with it comes to exam, not for real life. (quotes from IMU's lectures.) In Phase 2, you will need to apply them onto real patients. This is when the sad and heart-breaking parts come around medical students.

"Thing" that strike my attention did show little about how it is living with MS. I must say that, theory is nothing but info, you really have to see it to get everything into your brain. You will never forget it. MS in real, is a devastating disease, sufferers in their early stage are of no different from normal people. Different people go through the disease differently. No matter how much rest you get, you still feel tired. 1 mile walk, you feel like you going to falls. Little feather could makes you feel like a thousand pound. Numbness. Dizziness.

Corticosteroid is given to prevent further attack and in severe exacerbation course. Others like mitoxantrone, glatiramer acetate, interferon beta 1a and 1b, natalizumab.
Clinical trial drug (3rd phase): Campath 1H (alemtuzumab) caught my attention when i viewed this is a strong drug with some side effects like reduce platelet count and reduce thyroid function.

IF this clinical drug is useful in reverse MS, people having MS now will miss the chance to receive this treatment lo. I understand it is no right in putting clinical trial's drug as 2nd line of treatment when it is still experimenting. Just have this inside words that i need to say. what if it works and people currently cannot received the treatment, will their family members get really upset??

Sigh. God Bless.


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