Sunday, May 31, 2009

IMU life ended.

2.5 years of Med course in IMU has ended at 29th May 2009.
It started at end of February 2007. 3 day after i rushed back from Adelaide.

Things going very harsh and tired at first. I did not stick to anyone exactly the same as how i lived in Sunway. After classes, went back home and study... Pek chek... nap... eat little... study till late... sleep... the same went on until 3weeks before ICA for sem 1. The first time i took lrt and went to LowYat with my housemate, Dino Zai. I scored well in sem 1.

Sem 2 we moved from block B1 to block B tower. 19th floor and 6. I took master bedroom. Sem 2 was a big mess as i think i was too tension with those patho, pharmco, bac, virus... many more. Sem 2 was a intensive semester. Everything is so alien and you are given little time to absorb them. Some actually gave up and withdraw from the course in this sem. In the end, i scored badly and i emo.

After i passed my EOS 2, entering sem 3, i allowed myself to relax a little because my sis said that it's not worth doing that in uni life. Uni life shouldn't be like that. So, I went to play basketball, badminton with my friends. Went out celebrate people birthdays. However, i still restricted myself from too many outings. I passed EOS 3.

Sem 4. Seniors said sem 4 is a honey-moon semester as there is no End of Semester exam. So, I was very relax. I joined IMU cup for basketball, badminton and volleyball. Practices everyday earlier in the morning. Didn't study much as i used to be. Exhausted but really fun and had a memorable life. I got to know many friends that i wasn't close with. They are fun n hardworking people! I enjoyed sem 4 a lots! Though i exercise A LOTS but my weight stayed intact. *did not win any medals though! hehe... a bit upset but i gained more than i lost*. After IMU cup, I mugged up all my notes and i passed ICA.

There was only a short term of holiday to Sem 5. Sem 5 was a horrible semester. In sem 5, we have 2 big systems to cover- MSK n CNS. and 1 bored course- Com Med. Apart from the heavy work load, we still need to cover everything from the previous semesters. CVS, respi, haemato, git, renal, repro, endo, cns and msk, total of 9 systems with mountains like notes. Because of that, i had no exercise, lotsa maggies n fast foods, sleep-study, glued my butt in my red chair/ library chairs. Very stressful. Whatever, I survived through it.
Exam was 4 days. After first day, strength dropped until baseline. Because of MEQ!
2nd day was OSPE. Someone told the afternoon group that it was sup sup sui easy easy easy one. Then i went in happily and started with anatomy question. After 4 questions, i lost my interests already. Because I couldn't recall! There is hell lots of things and i couldn't recall. Frustrated. Some more, don't know who that 2 lecturers were. Both of them chatting in our exam hall and everyone could hear it. Damn it!
3rd day OSCE, i did very badly. Didn't know how to read ecg, simply crap. While i was doing fundoscope, someone shaked her head, made me more sad.
4th day OSCE, no more energy to fight. Just went in and finished whatever there.
Right after my exam, i was "kidnapped" by liyen to mid valley because abel n agnes asked them to bring me to mid valley and then double a will go with me to bangsar meet marissa. Until i reached The garden, Marissa only told me that double A not goin to bangsar anymore and i decided just to stick to si ling's gang to watch my 3rd time of X-men and supper with chui munn.

Learnt many things from books and also life. Grow up a bit. Hair longer a bit. Height Static.
Met a lotsa friends. All are very sweet and funny people! *Bad tragedies were inevitable, but not wishing to mention anymore*

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mystical-isolation said...

hey...vry sory ler..din mean to ask siling to kidnap you..hmm..js dun wan you to be alone after exam....miscommunication...sry..