Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upgrade Camera.

I'm thinking to get myself a SLR type of camera. Upgrading my current Panasonic Lumix TZ-5 which is an amazing digital camera. However, I need a better quality of photo, so I'm thinking to upgrade it!
I have some options here, suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

1. Nikon D5000- 12.3mp, 2.7" LCD that can be twisted to different angles. LowYat offers me 2880 for the body and the lens. ~ 610g with battery. ISO: 200 till 3200 (reach up to 6400)
19 Scene Modes

2. Canon EOS 500D: 520g. ISO 3200 (expandable up to 12800). Aperture value: F1.0 - F91 (0.3 EV steps). Will cost around RM3663.

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